Frequently Asked Questions

1. What about when I will give back car with fuel tank not full?

We are doing it like this, that we can tank it to full but for 9PLN/litre

2. What payment methods are possible?

There are 3 payment methods possible :

- You can pay in cash,

- by credit card,

- bank transffer

( we accept payment in foreing currency : GBP, EUR, USD )

3. Is it possible to pick up the car during the night?

Yes, it is possible, we substitute and pick up cars, but during the night hours: from 21:30 to 6:30 we charge an additional 50 PLN fee.

4. Is there a fee for a second driver?

The second driver is free (We do not charge extra)

5. What is the cost of renting a child's car seat?

The child's car seat is free of charge (We have cradles, seats and stands)

6. What does the issue of car cleanness look like?

The customer should return the car in a clean condition, not worse than during its rental; in the case of handing over a dirty car, we charge a fee for its cleaning.

7. Is there a deposit for renting a car?

We charge a deposit for fuel 500PLN / 150EUR / 100GBP - we do not charge a deposit when paying with the card.

8. How to behave in case of breakdown of a rented car?

In the event of a car breakdown, you must immediately notify the rental company and remove the failure under our direction. Details are available at 501085470, open 24 hours a day.

However, if the tires are damaged while using the car, the tenant is obliged to repair the damage before returning the car to the Lessor.

9. How to behave in the event of a collision?

In the case of cullet or road accident, the rental office should be immediately informed about the incident; behave in accordance with traffic regulations and secure the vehicle against further damage.

The tenant is obliged to write down the declaration of the event, containing the registration number of the car participating in the accident, O.C. policy number, driver's details (name, address, personal ID number, driver's license number, contact telephone number) and describe the accident and notify the police.

In every car rented, there is a road accident statement form.

10. Is it possible to get another replacement car during the rental period?

If the car is switched off due to independent reasons, you have the right to replace the damaged car with others in the country, with a similar standard or if this is not possible, you will receive a refund for the unused period of rental.

In addition to the above, the tenant does not have any other claims against the rental company due to a breakdown.

11. What are the consequences of the Renter in case of an accident or road accident?

In the event of a collision, the lessee does not bear any costs due to the client's fault, and if the accident is due to the client's fault, the tenant bears his own contribution, which is:

for group A, B vehicles - PLN 500 +VAT tax group C cars, D - PLN 1,000 + VAT tax, and higher groups PLN 2,000 + VAT tax (group E, SUV, Crossover, Premium) It is possible to abolish the own contribution (for buying an additional Insurance canceling the own contribution, which is 25PLN - A-B group car, 30PLN- C-D group cars, 40PLN group cars, SUV, Crossover and 50PLN- PREMIUM group cars).

In the case of driving under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, the Lessee covers the cost of repairing the car and the total cost of downtime resulting from damage and repair.

12. How are the issues regarding the payment of road fines regulated?

When using the car, you undertake to cover any parking fees, parking tickets, costs of towing the vehicle and other costs resulting from violation of traffic regulations by the driver.

If a road traffic offense is committed during the rental, the rental will be informed by the appropriate services, we reserve the right to charge the Lessee with the handling fee in the amount of PLN 50 + VAT for each detected offense, even if we are informed of this fact after finished renting.

13. Is it possible to return the car in a different place than in the contract?

Yes, after arranging the rental of the place of such a return and expressing our consent.