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P. Sidorowicz

Despite the short staying there wasn't any problem with car rental. Fast and efficiently and without any problems. I can surely recommend it!

Artur F.

Exel Company is really trustworthy, cars are in good condition and dropped off always on time at place where do you want it. Workers are friendly and very helpful they explained me everything from A to Z. Full professionalism keep it going. I would highly recommend that company!

Martin K.

Before my trip back home to Poland I been searching for good deal. When I come across this car rental company. I get in touch with one of their representative mr Maciek who I was finding out about the car and prices. It taken me long time time to choose them and I'm happy I did. The service was on high level and very patient with my questions and queries. After a 1 month of writing and talking over the phone I chosen the car. It wasn't easy to choose from,because they had a big choice of cars but I went for Toyota auris kombi. I was little bit sceptic about it because it was kombi. It was very nice and smooth to drive it. On motorway as well in the city, and fuel efficiency was amazing. I would like to thank you the team and for the patient with me. I hope in the future I will be able to choose similar or the same car for a good price👌 all the best and I hope to see you soon.k

Alex D.

Hello. I really recommend Comapny Exel, I'm using their services regularly frrom Gdansk Airport, they have clear rules, good prices, very good vehicles and they are always on time. Paper stuf takes just few minutes, staff is really friendly. Regards!

Marcin Kapacz

I've rented car from Gdansk after my arrival from abroad. I needed a car without any issues and comfortable and in a good price as well. I've found one in Exel.gda. As the only ones they had an reliable prices and cars. Other companies that seems to be a joke from people, but it was other way. Full phone contact and very kind mister at the phone. Quick and painless paper work - I really recommend!

Łukasz Szaadura

With celan soul I can say that is the one of few car rental company which approaches the client individually. They have high standard, clean vehicles and in good condition and also thay have good prices. Those Men who had dropped car for me at the airport were very kind. You really want to cooperate with such people. Kind Regards, I honsetly recommend that company.

M. Szczepanik

May go to rent a car place, when I visit Poland Good cars great price very nice costumer service

Maciejowski M.

Trustworthy Car Rental Company, and at Winter weather they had brand new winter tires wich wasn't slippery at all, Car are new and clean, Pick up and place for drop off it wasn't a problem for them to come to Main Gdansk at 10 P.M what is very comfortable and making life simple and easy I totally Recommend that place!! And For sure I will be back!

Lamparski A.

For Sure the Best Car Rental Company in whole Tri-city!!! They Helped me with rent a car from the policy OC of perpetrator of accident for the time of fixing my car. I had a New Honda Civic from 2018 with 7500km mileage. Car was well-kept, very funcional and pleasant to use. Full Profession!!! Very kind and experienced Staff. They are flexible in terms of delivery and receipt. I will certainly use their services! With a clear conscience I recommend that Car rental Company!!

A. Tkaczyk

Car rental Company Exel it's good, quick and without any problems. I've rented car for the first time and I'm very happy about the service. Fair price

Kacper M.

Few days ago I've rented a car from them, without any problems, cars in good prices and what's important on time :) I really recommend that car rental company, and I will for sure be back if I will need a car in Gdansk

Łukasz N

Hello, I needed a car as soon as possible, and called few other rental companies but no one wanted to rent a car for me. But Exel without any problems told me the price and in 2 hours car was at the adress that I've told them. Workers are very friendly and helpful, Car was really fresh and big + for new winter tires wich weren't make any stress in my head that I will have a accident if there would be a snow :) Greetings , and thanks alot really :) !

Mariusz M.

I had that white Honda Civic. It is a best car rental company in Gdansk !

Ł. Rutecki

Exel is definietly the best car rental company I've ever used. The cars are new, always fresh and clean and the stuff there is very polite and helpful , I really reccomend it.

Maciek Rus

Proffesional Stuff, Car was clean and in good condition, car was placed at the house on time. High flexibility with payment method (in cash, credit card and also foreign currency ) A fair price, child seat for free. Any problems with giving car back. I recommend it!

Katarzyna Matusewicz

Extra Company, very responsible. Car is always on time, workers are very helpful and kind. I totally recommend it !

Weronika Bogatkiewicz

Gdansk - Mazury . Worth recommending car rental company. That was 3rd one company that we've rented a car and we are very pleased. Cars are new and well cared, proffesional staff. All is quite clear fot the client. I recommend it !

Niewczas Anita

Great Car rental Company. Everything wen well without any problems. Just the maps in navigation could be updated. I know, I know I am a woman and I like to complain. Without any "but" I recommend Exel car rental company!

Jordan Smith

I am impressed about that car rental company. They are very kind and polite and patient. They told me everything about driving in Poland, and explained how to use some gadgets in their cars. I really recommend that company if you are a foreing language person you will not regret it. I think that they could even teach you how to drive a car with manual gearbox. Great job !

Mariola Czerwonka

No problem with renting a car and also with booking it on website. Everything is clear and people working there are cool and funny. They help me alot with my luggage and other stuff, like how to get to correct place, let me mention that the car was with GPS but you know it is better when someone will tell you. Thumbs up

Piotr Kurzewski

Really great car rental company. They are very friendly and helpful, they have got really nice prices and great cars. I will use their services everytime when I will arrive in Poland. I Recommend it .

Dagmara Ptak

From recent I have my driving licence, and that is why I have choosed EXEL because they had coolest insurance and new cars.

Jacek Kominek

Everything is great and proffesional, kindly and seamlessy (even when I used my international driving license connected under my original U.S driving license). Car was celan and in very good condition. I highly reccomend you that Company and I am sure that I will use it once again when I will be another time in Poland.

Andrzej Grzelak

I highly recommend you this car rental company, with professional approach to the client. They have good prices, new cars and fully insurance. What else to say? Keep it going !

Exel - Car rental Gdansk

Exel rent a Car was founded in 1994, we provide car rental services. Car Rental Gdansk  and Gdynia has a great opinion which has taken its many years of experience in process of Renting cars. On our website, in relevant departments you will find information about the details of the rental process, the latest promotions and car rental with the OC offender. Exel Rent a Car is a company with a recognized and respected brand in Gdynia and at the Gdansk Airport. Our employee will choose the right car for your needs and our driver will punctually place car in Gdynia, Gdansk or surrounding area. Take advantage of renting car in our rental car company, and you will definietly join a huge group of our regular customers who can count on even more attractive terms of car rental.


Exel rent a Car Gdansk office contact: +48 501085470 , Gdansk Airport driver number: +48798200700, e-mail:



Car rental Gdansk Airport - Slowackiego 179 street, Gdansk

Car rental Gdynia - Swietojanska 4-8 street, apartament number 47, Gdynia


Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport

If you arrive in Gdansk by plane and want to rent a car at the airport, use the services of Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport.  We have been providing high quality services to airline customers at the Gdansk Airport since 1994.


The car fleet of Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport consists entirely of new, fully insured vehicles of well-known brands.  If you decide to book a car, we will deliver it free of charge to the airport, regardless of the time of day. At the special request of our customers, we can also deliver cars at night.  With us, you don't have to worry about any hidden fees. Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport offers rich experience, high quality and, above all, reasonable prices.


In the Tricity, as well as at the Gdansk-Rebiechowo airport, cars are delivered and picked up free of charge (between 21:30 and 06:30). Delivery and pick-up outside the Tricity is also possible, however such service will be charged extra.


Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

EXEL Rent a Car


phone/fax: +48 58 679 22 00


+48 501 085 470


+48 798 200 700



Our branches:

Gdansk Airport, ul. Slowackiego 179

Gdynia Centrum, ul. Swietojanska 4-8 lok. 47

Registration data:


ul. Ogrodowa 2

81-198 Mosty

NIP (Tax Identification Number): PL 586 021 43 06

Exel Gdansk

Any airport can be a magical place, because only in this kind of setting (and possibly a railway station) one can experience so strongly the feeling of "moving in time and space" simultaneously. As we travel from one place to another, we become a slightly different person at the end of the journey than we were at the beginning. The Gdansk-Rebiechowo airport also has such a magical character. It was preceded by the one created in Wrzeszcz before the First World War and its development was dynamic and eventful. The airport was established at its current location, at ul. Słowackiego 200, in May 1974. Another terminal was built as early as in the ‘90s, and on 4.08.1997, in the year when Gdansk celebrated its millennium, the first passenger was checked in.


When preparing for a short or long journey by plane, our notebook should include information where to can find a car rental company, whether it is possible to rent a car at all and if so, on what terms. Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport waits with curiosity for the passengers who come here and discover our airport, offering a car rental service available for any budget. We try our best to satisfy all your expectations. What distinguishes our rental company is, among others, the possibility of picking up the car at night, the variety of payment methods, and no additional fee if the car is used by a second driver. If you are travelling with your child, our rental company will be happy to assist you by offering a child seat, cradle or booster seat.

Exel Gdansk


The Lech Walesa Airport is the largest airport in Pomerania and a hallmark for our region. However, the times when all passengers left the airport by bus are gone. Today we focus on speed and comfort. To reduce costs, it is worth considering renting a car.


Our Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport team consists of highly experienced staff. We operate since 1994 and renting cars is undoubtedly our passion. As our client you can be sure there are no hidden fees, because we prefer transparent rules of cooperation. We focus on modernity and comfort, so our entire fleet consists of new, insured cars. You can rent a car for a few days, weeks, or months. For companies it is even possible to rent a car for as long as several years. Your safety is our priority, we make sure that you leave the airport with a car that is regularly inspected by an authorised service centre. Our offer is addressed to people interested in both short and long term rentals. It’s particularly suitable for those who have just moved to Gdansk, as well as those who do not want to buy a car.


Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport provides individual customers with the opportunity to rent our cars for a few months, but not longer than a year. You can rent vehicles via telephone or online. If you decide to choose the long-term car rental, it will not affect your credit rating, as opposed to leasing. Our company also offers the possibility of buying the car at the end of the contract. Renting multi-seat cars is a great solution for a family or group trip. Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport offers the following cars: 6-seat, 7-seat, 7-seat +10m³ and 8-seat car rental. It’s a great deal! Our cars are safe and very comfortable.


You want to impress a very important contractor? Our rental company will come to your aid! It is also possible to deliver cars to the airport for you to pick them up. We deliver vehicles to the airport or any other designated place, for example a hotel, with or without a driver, day or night. You can rent cars without a deposit, in the period of time you specify (even if it is only for 24 hours), with a minimum of formalities. No need to fill out any complicated forms! With us, renting cars is simple and easy, and the prices are affordable for any budget.


Exel Rent a Car - Gdansk Airport provides you with the possibility to rent cars of your favourite brand or model. We offer, among others, such brands as: Suzuki, Toyota, Skoda, Opel, Kia, Renault. You can also rent a truck. If you are wondering whether car rental is possible in winter, we will gladly dispel your doubts immediately, basing on our twenty-six years of experience – yes, it is possible to rent cars in winter! Contrary to various rumours, renting cars in winter is completely safe and sound. This is of course only if you use a service package that is offered by a rental company with experience like ours. Renting a car is a great solution if you don't own a vehicle at all or you can't use it for a while, because it is, for example, at a mechanic's, and you want to take your children to a resort during the holidays. Our company owns a fleet of reliable cars which are regularly serviced. You will surely enjoy your journey for a long time to come. As we try to meet all of our clients' expectations, we also offer sports car rental. If you decide to rent a car from us, you will receive a set of winter tyres and a car with power steering as well as GPS. Our website will make it easy for you to access the car rental form if you need more than one vehicle. Our car rental service is available 24/7. Check our website, it is quite possible that since the creation of this text, our car rental offer significantly expanded.


Car Rental Gdynia – Exel


Exel- Car Rental Gdynia, faced the residents of Gdynia and tourists who are visiting by opening branch in Gdynia Centre close to the train station. The Rental office is located at ul. Swietojanska 4-8/47. We provide car delivery services to the indicated address, Hotel, or for people arriving by ship, we are able to provide a car to Gdynia Marine Station. Hiring a car in Gdynia’s location for large amount of people visiting the Tri-City is a great solution because those who want to visit Pomeranian Voivodeship or the beautiful sandy beaches of the Hel Peninsula do not have to worry about organizing time to catch the train. Pomeranian Voivodeship offers very large number of places worth visiting, and with our car rental company everything becomes possible. Full insurance in new cars are norm in our company so there won’t be any fear of fraud or it will be forgotten, because on the site each person renting a car will get a handover protocol where all scratches will be marked and also will get a copy of the rented car documents to make sure that the car is authorized and has valid insurance. An additional convenience for our customers renting a car in Gdynia is the possibility of returning the rented car at the Gdansk Airport, where our headquarters is also located. Car rental Exel – Gdynia is in a class of its own, low prices and a huge luggage of experience meant that it is here that every customer when renting a car, will feel as if he was getting into his own car. No hidden costs, reliable information builds the bond between the customer and the company as we are – Exel.